What Comes in My Kit?

What Comes in My Kit?

Wondering what comes in a Destination Treasure Hunt kit?  Well, you are in luck; here is a breakdown of everything you will receive. 

Treasure Chest—Finding the perfect chest was super important to me. In fact, it took many months for me to finally find the exact look I was searching for. You will receive a specially crafted wooden treasure chest to fill with a collection of treasures special to your pirate crew.


Pirate Captain’s Direction Card—This card is your treasure hunt command center. It includes a QR code that leads you to EVERYTHING you need to know to coordinate the hunt, including precise GPS locations for clue placement. An extensive, user-friendly set of instructions has been curated to empower one individual in your group, the appointed Pirate Captain, to organize and orchestrate the hunt with confidence.


Riddles and Treasure Maps - A tube containing expertly curated riddles and maps will lead you and your scallywags through your chosen location’s scenic landscapes, historic landmarks, and secret hideaways. Bonus: all our maps and riddles are printed on waterproof paper, so there is no worry about wet coastal weather.


Double bonus! The cardboard tube doubles as a pirate spyglass!  Have your little buccaneers decorate it to channel their inner pirate.


Stickers - Gold seal stickers are included in your chest to roll and seal up your riddles and maps.  Make sure to have a Sharpie handy, as you can add your team name!  Whether you are Team Smith or Team Blackbeard, have fun with it! 



Clear Zipper Bag - Sand is messy, but your treasure chest does not have to be! To ensure your treasure chest and pirate's booty stay mess-free, a zipper bag is included for protection when burying or hiding your treasure. 


I am thinking about also including a canvas DTH tote in the future, because let's be honest Mama, we are the carrier of all things.  I find myself pack-horsing trash, trinkets, snacks, toys, rocks, etc. You get it.  Anyway, let me know what you think?  Should we include a DTH canvas tote as well???

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