Hi Mama!

I'm Sarah, and I'm thrilled to share the extraordinary journey of how a small, delightful tradition known as "Planskgiving" evolved into what is now Destination Treasure Hunt.

For over a decade, my family and I have been visiting Jekyll Island, Georgia, for Thanksgiving.  This is a precious time for us to come together and enjoy good food and the beach.  Once my husband and I began adding munchkins to the mix, I had a strong desire to create a tradition for my kiddos that they would never forget. So I got to work, I thought, “How fun would it be to have a pirate-themed treasure hunt on the island?”  The whole family could participate; we could be outside exploring the island and the kiddos would be pumped about finding a magical treasure.

So, in 2018, our family embarked on the inaugural Planksgiving adventure. It was a instant hit! Everyone from the 2-year-old to the 92-year-old in our pirate crew became lifelong Planksgiving fans. 

Every year, we recreated our tradition; we dressed up in our finest pirate regalia, scoured the island, and then feasted on seafood post-hunt.  

Well, babies grow as babies do, and this Mama thought to herself, “What am I going to do with my life when all these babies go to school?”

After much deep reflection and thought about my skills and what I could offer the world, it dawned on me, “Why can’t I make Planksgiving for all families?”  And so Destination Treasure Hunt was born. 

Bottom line, Mama, my biggest desire for you is to create lifelong traditions in your own family, so let Destination Treasure Hunt help you unlock your own treasured memories!

Arrrgh Matey,


Founder, Destination Treasure Hunt