How it Works

Step 1

Pick a destination and a kit.


Step 2

Shhhhhhh! Once your kit arrives, keep it secret. All riddles, maps and instructions are laid out to create your hunt.

Step 3

Invite all your buccaneers and scallywags to the hunt.

Invitations are provided and can be sent via snail mail or electronically.

Step 4

Gather your booty!

Fill your Destination Treasure Hunt chest with the treasure of your choice, whether it's chocolate coins, gift cards, a spy-glass, etc. Make it a treasure to remember.

Treasure Ideas

Step 5

Dress like a pirate!

This is entirely optional, BUT it makes the experience incredibly fun!

Pirate Attire Ideas

Step 6

Once you've arrived at your seaside destination, simply follow our meticulously crafted instructions to strategically place your clues.

Step 7


Unleash your pirate crew once all your clues are placed, and your treasure is buried! ready for legendary memories to be made.