What Do I Put in My Treasure Chest?

What Do I Put in My Treasure Chest?

Ahoy there, matey! 

Who wouldn't be thrilled by a treasure chest overflowing with booty? It's the ultimate prize, fit for a legendary pirate crew like yours!

As the illustrious Pirate Captain (the master of the hunt and keeper of all clues), your task is to collect a treasure trove, filled with the most coveted booty imaginable! You know your loyal swashbucklers better than anyone, but here be some suggestions to get yer creative plundering juices flowin’!

Keep in mind the dimensions of the chest be 8.5 L x 6.5 D x 7 H, so be sure to pick booty that's small and mighty, just like yer pirate spirit! Fill your chest to the brim with treasures fit for the finest of buccaneers! 🦜💰


General (All Ages):




What ideas did you come up with?  We would love to hear about them!  

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