Why Destination Treasure Hunt?

Why Destination Treasure Hunt?

As a parent, I become more sentimental as the years pass. With each passing milestone with my kiddos, I feel the depth and gravity of time.

In 2018, I started to feel a pull towards creating long-lasting memories or a legacy for my family. I wanted something that would transcend age and become a tradition for the entire family. I longed to create something that would facilitate togetherness.

I began with our love for all things coastal; with an annual trip to Jekyll Island, GA, I knew this was where to start.  I am the kind of Mama staunchly against video games and harps on my kiddos to “go outside!”  I also firmly believe in “learning a thing or two” when traveling.  I love immersing my kiddos in history, exposing them to things outside of their everyday.

Jekyll Island, GA, is RICH with history for the taking and a great place for families to gather, bond, and grow.  I used this framework to then create our family’s first treasure hunt.  The historical sites of the island became the markers for our pirate crew.  The hunt instilled a wonder, curiosity, and excitement like I had never imagined. Yeah, the pirate gear was fun, and the booty on the beach was a thrill, but at the heart of it all, we were witnessing precious memories imprinting deep into the hearts of our children and family. 

I truly want this movement toward tradition to be experienced by all families (or friends who are chosen family). Whether that is through a Destination Treasure Hunt kit or some other avenue, my passion is to have moments of precious clarity and unadulterated time with our loved ones. No distractions—just fun! 

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